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Retired Police Officers can qualify by successfully completing the HR218 qualification course

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HR 218 / S.1132:The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA)
County of Rockland County, NY

Qualification Course

The Rockland County Police and Public Safety Academy, located in Rockland County, NY will be conducting handgun qualification courses for former officers. The course of fire is the law enforcement qualification course published by New York State DCJS.

After firing a passing score the former officer will be issued a HR 218 photo-ID card. The card states that the eligible individual passed the qualification course, the date, the type of firearm used (revolver or semi-automatic or both) and a phone number for the Rockland County Sheriffs Communications Center, manned 24/7, that can be called to verify the information shown on the card.

You will register online after printing and reviewing the information below. Print a copy of the registration to keep as a reminder of the date and time before you submit it. If there is a problem with your registration you will be notified by email within 10 days.

You will receive a confirmation when you register. This confirmation will be sent to you immediately upon completion of your registration. It may go to your Junk Mail or Spam. Please check those areas if you do not receive the confirmation immediately. Print the confirmation and keep it along with the information you will print below.

The Affidavit must be signed and notarized before coming to the range.

The range is not located at the Police Academy. Be sure you follow the directions you print out.


Course of Fire

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